User Lifecycle

“User lifecycle” refers to the planned or unplanned life events, user actions, or scenarios that occur during a user’s lifetime of using Mobile Connect.

Examples: Registering to use Mobile Connect, losing mobile phone, moving from one mobile network operator to another etc.

Lifecycle management ensures that the solutions and processes are in place to support the users’ experience with the service provider. This section explains some of these events that you need to consider when using Mobile Connect.

What happens if the user cancels Mobile Connect?

Although unlikely, but it may happen that the user cancels Mobile Connect account they hold with the operator. Some cancellation scenarios are:

  • User cancels Mobile Connect but keeps the mobile service with the operator.
  • User cancels mobile service with the operator (thereby cancelling Mobile Connect account too) – and will release the mobile phone number (MSISDN).
  • User cancels mobile service from an operator but keeps the MSISDN and takes it with them to the new mobile network provider.

Upon cancellation, the mobile network operator will delete the Mobile Connect account and all associated data. This means that you may not be able to recognise the returning user, and most likely will present them with a “new customer” UX journey. The user may need to contact your support in order to reinstate their existing account. Also any previously scheduled, periodic, or reoccurring transactions will not be able to use Mobile Connect – and may fail.

What happens if the user ports his number from one operator to another?

Similar to cancellation, the porting event (when the user migrates their phone number from one operator to another) will result in the mobile network operator deleting the Mobile Connect account and all associated data. In which case your application will likely treat the user as a new user, thereby setting up a new account for that user. The user will notice the new account (instead of logging into their existing account) and hence will most likely contact your support who can then assist to recover their existing account.

We are currently working on a solution which will allow users to port their Mobile Connect account in the same way as they port their mobile number. This solution will be available in the near future.

Can the same mobile number be assigned to another user?

All operators have a finite number of MSISDNs available to them. As a result, the MSISDNs that are no longer wanted by the user (e.g.: user cancelling the mobile service from an operator) are recycled. There are risks to the user if an MSISDN is recycled to another user after it was previously being used with Mobile Connect. Most operators manage this risk by placing MSISDNs which are no longer in use into a “suspended” state before these can be recycled. The duration varies from one operator to another but it is normally long enough to give plenty of time to the user to reclaim it. Mobile Connect associated with such MSISDNs cannot be used during this period. If the user does not reclaim during this period, the operator will permanently delete the Mobile Connect account for the user and recycle the MSISDN for the next user.

What if a user loses SIM or if it is stolen?

When a SIM is lost or stolen, there is an immediate risk that an unauthorised person can fraudulently gain access to user’s profile with your service. This is the same as if a user’s email account is hacked where the user was using email to authenticate.

All mobile network operators have robust procedures in place to block the SIM as soon as the subscriber reports the loss or theft to their operator. When the operator blocks a SIM, any further authentications through Mobile Connect are blocked, and additionally all active tokens shall be revoked.

The user can use Mobile Connect normally as soon as the SIM card and associated Mobile Connect account is restored by the operator either on the new SIM or restoring services on existing SIM (in case the user finds it). The previously initiated PCR shall remain valid however all active tokens will be revoked which means that the user will need to perform fresh authentication when attempting to use Mobile Connect for the 1st time.

End User Registration - maybe dont need this?

In most cases, the end user will need to register with Mobile Connect so that the operator can create the Mobile Connect account. Different operators deal with this in different ways. Some operators may set up a Mobile Connect account on the very first use. This may include the operator presenting the Mobile Connect account creation screen to the user asking them to accept the terms. Others may include Mobile Connect usage into the mobile services contract in which case Mobile Connect account is already setup when the user subscribes to a mobile service from the operator.