Product availability

As Mobile Connect is provided by operators who are at different stages of implementation you will first need to understand which products are available in the markets you are interested in. The operators page lists all the operators that are supporting Mobile Connect and shows their production status and which products they support.

Market variations

Some Mobile Connect operators also have local market variations regarding access and also support variations on the core products

Country Local variation Impacts Details
India API Access restrictions SP Applications

For API Access Requests made to Indian Operators, you must be registered in the MC Link programme Please see this website for more information.

Or, you need to be in direct contact with an operator. In this case, you will be asked to provide contact details for the person you are dealing with.

Local extensions to Mobile Connect SP Applications The India operators support a number of local extensions to the core Mobile Connect products. Details on supporting these extensions can be found here. More information on Mobile Connect in India can be found here
Spain API Access restrictions SP Applications Operators in Spain are only accepting access requests from those developers who meet certain criteria. More information can be found here.