The Mobile Connect Sandbox is a simulation of a number of Mobile Connect ID Gateways. The sandbox can be used to accelerate the integration of the Mobile Connect service in existing or new applications.

The sandbox supports the following capabilities:

  • LoA2 & LoA3

    Both LoA2 (no PIN) and LoA3 (PIN confirmation) are supported.

  • A Choice of authenticators

    Two authenticators are supported, SMS and Passthrough. SMS authentication sends a text message with a URL to user configured MSISDN. Passthrough authentication will automatically authenticate the request as if a user has received an authentication request and confirmed.

  • MSISDN configuration

    The Sandbox allows the user to configure MSISDNs to match specific test operators. These MSISDNs will receive the authentication request via SMS. A set of passthrough MSISDNs are available to force passthrough authentication for each of the test operators.

  • Multiple MNOs

    Different MNOs will support the different Mobile Connect products.

  • Multiple User profiles

    The Sandbox supports multiple test user profiles for testing the Identity and Network Attributes products.

  • Consistent PCRs

    As will real ID Gateways the sandbox will always produce a consistent PCR for Application/Operator combinations.



    To use the Mobile Connect Sandbox, you will need:

    • A Developer Portal account

      You cannot make requests to the Sandbox until you have created an account on the Developer Portal. You can create an account here

    • Registered a Developer Portal application

      You will need to register an application in the My Apps section once you are logged in. More details can be found here.


    Test operators

    There are 4 test mobile operators on the sandbox platform. Of these, some perform different roles. The following table describes the values for each operator.

    Operator Profiles Products supported Passthrough MSISDN
    Operator A v1.1 Authentication +447700900901
    Operator B v1.1, DI r2 v2.3, DI v3.0 Authentication, Authorisation, Attributes +447700900301
    Operator C SI v2.0 Authentication, Authorisation, Attributes +447700900302
    Operator D SI v1.0, SI v2.0 Authentication, Authorisation, Attributes +447700900303



    Sandbox test users

    There are two test users on the sandbox platform. These test users allow you to test those the Identity and Attributes products. These test users have the following attributes

    Details User 1 User 2
    Given name Henry Dorsett Rose
    Family name Case Kolodny
    Middle name Dorsett
    Nickname Rose
    Preferred username
    Profile gsma.com/henrydorsettcase gsma.com/rosekolodny
    Picture gsma.com/henrydorsettcase/image.png gsma.com/rosekolodny/image.png
    Website gsma.com/henrydorsettcase gsma.com/rosekolodny
    Email verified? FALSE FALSE
    Gender Male Female
    Date of birth 17th March 1948 1st May 1981
    Zone info
    Local ja_JP en_GB
    House number or name 1 25
    Street address Walbrook
    Postal code 19840701 EC4N 8AF
    Town Chiba City London
    Country Japan London
    Is conditional call divert active? TRUE FALSE
    Is lost/stolen? TRUE FALSE
    SIM change 1st July 2017 12th November 2017
    Device change 1st July 2017 9th August 2016
    Account state Active Active
    National ID NRM4312567 JMN6754298
    Phone number 447700900911 447700900910
    Phone number verified TRUE FALSE
    Billing segment None None


    Configuration & Setup

    Selecting your profile

    You should select the correct profile based upon the MNO ID Gateway that you will be using when you move to production. You can find detail of operator implementations on their details page.


    Configuring Mobile Connect Profile v1.1

    Mobile Connect Profile v1.1 only supports authentication, so this configuration screen for this profile is very simple. Here you can setup a maximum of five MSISDNs configured to the test operator Operator A. Configuring a MSISDN here means that when the sandbox sees a request with that MSISDN it will be associated to Operator A./p>


    Configuring Mobile Connect Profile v2.3

    This configuration section allows you to configure the Sandbox to support your testing of all Mobile Connect products (Authentication, Authorization, Identity and Attributes) by allowing you to configure both the operator and user profile that will be linked to a test MSISDN.


    Configuring a MSISDN here means that when the sandbox sees a request with that MSISDN it will be associated with the operator selected from the dropdown box (B, C or D).

    User Profile

    If you are using Authentication or Authorisation then you can leave this at the default value as it is not used. The user profile needs only to be set if you are using any of the Identity or Attributes products. Setting this value means that the MSISDN you have configured will be matched to the user data you have configured. The specific user data is configured here