What is the PCR?

PCR stands for "Pseudonymous Customer Reference". This is a unique identifier that Mobile Connect uses to reference an end user. The PCR is a unique id that always represents a specific user. Hence pseudonymous.

Why use the PCR?

By leveraging the PCR, the user's privacy is protected while the service provider is assured that this is an actual user. Developers can then request additional information about a users with their consent. This allows users to be confident that their personal information will only be shared with their explicit consent.

Is the PCR secure?

A PCR is unique to each application and user combined. Other Mobile Connect-enabled service providers will not be able to copy and use your application's PCR in their system. In the unlikely event third parties gained access to a PCR, the user’s information would not be compromised.

A PCR that you receive for mobile number A on Application A will not be the same as that created for Mobile number A on Application B.