If your application is integrating with the Mobile Connect Server Initiated APIs then you will need to provided more details about your application. These details can be provided via the Server Initiated tab in the Application details page. Clicking on this tab displays the following screen:

The three sets of information you will need are:

  • JWKS URI: This is a URL pointing to the JSON Web Key Set [JWK] document. If the you signs requests to the IDGW, it contains the signing key(s) the IDGW will use to validate signatures. Only asymmetric signatures are supported.
  • Request Object Signing Algorithm: JWS alg algorithm that MUST be used for signing Request Objects sent to the IDGW. All Request Objects will be rejected, if not signed with this algorithm. This algorithm MUST be used when the Request Object is passed by value (using the request parameter). The recommended value is RS256, if you need to support another value please contact support.
  • Notification URIs: An array of Notification URI values which should match notification_uri parameter value used in each Authorisation Request. This will be the URI of the server expecting the requests from the ID Gateway.