You can request access to an operator’s live environments using the Developer Portal. This process is also known as an API Access request. After making this request, the operator will be asked to provide your application with access to their ID Gateway and Mobile Connect APIs. You can also request access from the operator directly.

Before you proceed, please note the following important information:

The Mobile Connect Marketing Licence Agreement

You can only request access to an operator’s API after you accept the Mobile Connect Marketing Licence Agreement. Please refer to this page to see the instructions of how to accept the Marketing Licence Agreement.

Operator Terms & Conditions

If you haven’t accepted the operator’s Terms & Conditions, you can request access to an operator’s API, but the access will only be granted after you accept the operator’s Terms & Conditions.

Requesting access via the Developer Portal

To make an API access request on the Developer Portal, follow the steps below.

Go to My Apps

Go to the My Account page and click on My Apps.

Select application

On the My Apps page, click on the name of the application that you'd like to request API access for.

Select API access

On the application details page, click on the API access tab.

Select countries

On the API access screen, select each country where would like to implement Mobile Connect functionality

Select request

Click the ‘Request’ button to proceed.

Get confirmation

A confirmation message will be displayed on the screen.

The API request have now been made on your behalf, to the operators in the countries you selected. The request will include the details of your organisation and the application.

Requesting access direct from an operator

If an operator is not listed on the API access page then you will need to contact them directly (using the contact details on the operator page) to request provisioning. When you contact the operator please ensure that you provide the following details:

  • Email address: The email that you have registered with your Developer Portal account. This should be your company address rather than personal address. It is recommended the the email domain matches that of your company.
  • Organisation name and details: Your company or other organisation details. You should also include other information about your company such website and purpose.
  • Application name and details: The name of the application that your are requesting access for and what it does. This should include any your applications website.
  • Application Production Discovery credentials: These can be found on your application page in the Developer Portal.
  • Application redirect URL: This can be found on your application page in the Developer Portal.

Provide any other information that you feel may be relevant to your request such as relevant URLs and app store details along with further organisation details.

NOTE: If you have problems with operator access then please contact the service desk for assistance.