This page describes how to register an application so that you can obtain the credentials that allow your application to make Mobile Connect calls using the Sandbox. To do this:

Go to your account

Click the ‘My Account’ button in the upper right corner of the screen. You must be logged in on the Developer Portal in order to see the My Account button. If you are not logged in, you will see the Login and Register buttons instead:

  • if you have already registered a Developer Portal account, please click the Login button and log in;
  • if you don’t have a Developer Portal account yet, please select Register and go through the registration steps.

Select My Apps

On the My Account page, select the My Apps menu item in the navigation pane on the left. The list of applications page is shown. This should currently be empty.

Register a new application

Click the Add button. You will see the Register application page.

Enter your application details.

The fields in the first part of the page must be completed. For production applications it is important to provide a detailed description of your application because this information will be used by the operators when making a decision whether to grant access to their Mobile Connect APIs.

The Redirect URI value is important and must be a valid URL that can accept requests. You can change this value while the app is being tested in the Sandbox but once you request access to an operator API it cannot be changed. If you need to change the Redirect URI then you will need to create a new application and request access for that application.


The 'Other values' section

These fields can be ignored for the moment as they are not needed for our initial authentication request.


Click the ‘Register’ button.

Your application is now registered on the Developer Portal and the Application details are shown. The sandbox credentials allow you start using the sandbox. The pre-production credentials are not used at the moment.,

You can now use the Sandbox credentials to make your first call.