This page describes how to register an account on the Mobile Connect Developer Portal so that you can obtain the credentials that allow your application to make Mobile Connect calls using the Sandbox.


Email registration

Click the Register button in the upper right corner of the portal page. Enter your name and the email address you will use. This email address cannot previously have been used with Mobile Connect implementation.

Once you have entered your details click on the Register button and the registration process will begin, the overlay will disappear and you will see a message that you will receive a validation email.


Email validation

Before your account registration can be completed you must verify the email you have used. You will receive an email as below.

Click on the link in your email or copy and paste into a browser. If you have trouble with this stage please contact the support team.


Account activation

Once you verify your email address the Activate account screen is displayed. Confirm that you want to activate your account. The password setup screen will then be displayed. Once you have entered your password your Mobile Connect Developer Portal account is now setup.