This page describes the multi-step process to register an account on the Mobile Connect Developer Portal so that you can obtain the credentials that allow your application to make Discovery and Mobile Connect calls using the Sandbox. To do this:


Email registration

Click the Register button in the upper right corner of the portal page. Enter your name and the email address you will use. This email address cannot previously have been used with Mobile Connect implementation.

Once you have entered your details click on the Register button and the registration process will begin, the overlay will disappear and you will see a message that you will receive a validation email.


Email validation

Before your account registration can be completed you must verify the email you have used. You will receive an email as below.

Click on the link in your email or copy and paste into a browser. If you have trouble with this stage please contact the support team.


Mobile Connect setup

Once you verify your email address the Activate account screen is displayed. This will link your Mobile Connect account to the Developer Portal and enable you to log in using Mobile Connect. If your operator does not support Mobile Connect then the GSMA provides a Global Mobile Connect system as a backup.

Enter your Mobile Number (with country code) and select the Mobile Connect button.

Once you select the Mobile Connect button you start the authentication process and a pop-up window will show the next steps. The screenshot below shows the GSMA pop-up. The pop-up will be operator specific and your experience may differ. If you do not have a Mobile Connect account you may need to create an account during the authentication process. Some operators may require this account setup to completed separately from the authentication flow.

After the the pop-up has displayed you will receive an authentication message. This could be an SMS message, a SIM App message or some other authentication process. When you authenticate yourself the pop-up will disappear, your account is activated, you will be logged in and the Developer Portal User Profile page will be displayed (see below).

Your Mobile Connect Developer Portal account is now setup and you use Mobile Connect to login. If you wish to add a password to your account (to enable email/password based login) then follow the steps in the next section.

If you have trouble with any aspect of Mobile Connect sign-up please contact the support team.


Adding a password to your account.

To add a password to your account select the Manage Password link when on your profile page. This will take you to the Add password page.

Enter your password in the fields and then the number you registered for Mobile Connect. Click on the Mobile Connect button and you will follow the same authentication process to confirm that you have the right to add a password to the account. Once the passwords have been added the Manage Password page will be reloaded but now the option is to change or remove an existing password.