If you have decided that you wish to add Mobile Connect support to your production application you will need to register that application in the Developer Portal. Applications can be registered using the My Applications page on your account page. More details can be found here

For production applications we recommend that you create minimum of three applications. Having three applications registered means that you can easily manage your route through from testing to production.

e.g. If I have an application called My Great App then I might register the following applications.

  • My Great App - Development - with a redirect URL that works in development (e.g. http://localhost/callback)
  • My Great App - Integration - with a redirect URL that works in development (e.g. https://int.mygreatapp.com/callback)
  • My Great App - with a redirect URL that works in development (e.g. https://mygreatapp.com/callback/)

You may also want additional environments (such as a UAT environment) where you want to run your applications and these should also be registered.

Application information

When registering your applications please consider the following:

  • Use a sensible application name that relates to your application.
  • Enter a description that clearly states what your application does. If the applications is the test version of a production application then say so in the description.
  • Use an application URL that points to your applications web site.

Check any country specific rules that may impact requests for API access