OpenID Connect is a simple identity layer on top of the existing OAuth 2.0 protocol, which allows service providers to authenticate their end user based on the authentication performed by an authorisation server. OpenID Connect is a RESTful API.

OpenID Connect allows clients of all types (including web-based, mobile, and JavaScript clients) to request and receive information about authenticated sessions and end users. The specification suite is extensible, allowing participants to use optional features such as encryption of identity data, discovery of OpenID Providers, and session management.

OpenID Connect has been adopted by Mobile Connect as the base protocol and framework because of its openness and robustness.

  • it works on almost any device that has a web browser with access to the internet. It is not specific to any operating system.
  • is a set of specifications a that many developers are already familiar with. The specification is not proprietary and its publicly available.
  • it is designed to be easy to use, reliable and secure. The OpenID Connect Specification is set by the OpenID Foundation, and is constantly evolving.