To make it easier to integrate Mobile Connect into your application or service the GSMA provides a number of SDKs. These SDKs are open source and royalty free (see the licenses included with each SDK for the terms of use).


The following languages & environments are currently supported.

Server side

  • Java SE/EE
  • PHP
  • .NET

Client side

  • Android
  • iOS
  • HTML5 (demo purposes only)


For other programming languages or environments it is still possible to use Mobile Connect via the RESTful APIs.

Status Overview

SDK PHP Java .NET Android iOS HTML5
Status Live Live Live Live Live Live
Version 1.0 1.0 1.0 2.1.2 2.0.2 1.0
Release date 14th Jun 2016 7th Jun 2016 15th Jun 2016 4th Aug 2016 26th Jun 2016 10th Aug 2014


The HTML5 SDK is no longer being developed as it is not designed for production applications.

The GSMA also provide example applications to demonstrate the use of the SDKs for Mobile Connect products.