The Mobile Connect SDK for PHP provides everything you need to implement Mobile Connect in applications using PHP as a server technology. Take a look at the Getting Started Guide for information on configuring your development environment and building a basic application.

Getting Started

All of the steps you need to follow to set up your PHP development environment are detailed in a Getting Started Guide. The guide also walks you through the code in the demo application, explaining the interactions between the server- and client-side code, and the Mobile Connect services.

Recommended Setup

Demo App

This demo application demonstrates how to integrate Mobile Connect services into your PHP server applications using the Mobile Connect SDK for PHP. It includes the server-side php and a client-side UI from which you can select the services you want to explore.




SDK Size

22.5 Mb


22nd August 2017

Backward Compatibility

This SDK is compatible with the v1.0 release.

Forward Compatibility

Applications built with this version will continue to work for Mobile Connect with future product and SDK releases.


Revision History

v2.2.1 22nd August 2017

Add India Demo App

Add auto IP extract feature

Add SDK version Header to Discovery request

v2.2.0 11th July 2017

Replaced 3 example applications with one Demo Application

SDK is unchanged from v2.1.16

v2.1.16 13th June 2017

India regional scopes support

Add correlation_id parameter (Mobile Connect Profile v2.1)

v2.1.15 13th April 2017

Add login_hint_token support

v2.1.14 28th March 2017

PHP SDK supports X-Redirect header for redirection of MNO error to application (Use 'APP' value for X-Redirect header).

Fixed route issue in demo application

v2.1.13 24th February 2017

• Add example app without discovery
• Fixed demo app issues

v2.1.12 31st January 2017

• Add SDK without discovery feature
• Fixed Identity/Userinfo error process issues
• Fixed Unix compatibility issues
• Fixed headers ignoring issue

v2.1.11 23rd December 2017

PHP SDK R2 fix to handle Sandbox R1 alternative error description

v2.1.10 27th October 2016 Initial Release