The Mobile Connect SDK for Android™ provides everything you need to implement Mobile Connect in apps running natively on Android. Take a look at the Getting Started Guide for information on configuring your development environment before downloading a demo app.

Ensure best practice in safeguarding user credentials – using, for example, code obfuscation to improve application security. For high-security applications, consider using a server-side SDK, such as Java, instead.

Getting Started

All of the steps you need to follow to set up your Android development environment are detailed in a Getting Started Guide. The Android SDK includes a demonstration project, and the guide includes examples of how to configure calls to the Mobile Connect services from within the project.

Minimum Requirements

Note: May not work on older versions

Demo App

This demo application demonstrates how to integrate Mobile Connect services into your Android apps using the Mobile Connect SDK for Android.

Recommended Setup

API Reference Documentation

Download the SDK




SDK and Demo Application Size

3.21 Mb


17th November 2017

Backward Compatibility

This version will work with applications built using SDK v2.0.

Forward Compatibility

Applications built with this version will continue to work with future product and SDK releases.


Revision History

v3.1.2 17th November 2017

Add discovery data latency

Update to Java SDK 2.4.5

v3.1.1 4th October 2017

Change SDK version addition mechanism

Update to Java SDK 2.4.3

v3.1.0 4th August 2017

Add Indian Demo App

Add SDK-Version header

Delete X-Source-Ip

v3.0.10 19th June 2017

India regional scopes support

Add correlation_id parameter (Mobile Connect Profile v2.1)

v3.0.9 10th May 2017

Android SDK size reduced from ~16MB to ~7MB

v3.0.8 28th April 2017

Add login_token_hint support

Add new Demo App

Fixed OTTO Exception

v3.0.7 29th March 2017

Java SDK library was updated.

Android SDK supports X-Redirect header for redirection of MNO not supported error to application (Use 'APP' value for X-Redirect header).

Demo application was updated - X-Redirect header was added.

v3.0.6 2nd March 2017

Deleted android http client dependency

Added Java http client wrapper

Set default post request entity charset to UTF-8

v3.0.5 31st January 2017

Added Mobile Connect without Discovery feature

Fixed gradle build issues

v3.0.4 23rd December 2016

GSMAQA-669: Android SDK can't decode Base 64 from id_token if acrValues="3"

v3.0.3 October 2016 Initial Release


The Android robot is reproduced or modified from work created and shared by Google and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License.