Important Notice

The Mobile Connect SDKs are no longer supported. The SDK documentation and links to the code will continue to be available on the Mobile Connect Developer Portal but the SDKs documentation and code will no longer be updated , and there will be no further bug fixes. Also, we will be unable to provide support for issues with the SDKs and their integration into applications via the Mobile Connect Service Desk.


The Mobile Connect SDK for Java® provides everything you need to implement Mobile Connect in applications or services that use Java as the server technology. the SDK can be used on it's own in server to server interactions, with your own front end interface code or in conjunction with the Mobile Connect client libraries.

Take a look at the Setup guide for information on configuring your development environment and building a basic application.


All of the steps you need to follow to set up your Java development environment are detailed in a Getting Started Guide. The guide also includes sample code and steps to integrate your application with Mobile Connect

Minimum Requirements

Note: May not work on older versions

Demo App

This demo application demonstrates how to integrate Mobile Connect services into your Java server applications using the Mobile Connect SDK for Java. It the client-side UI from which you can select the services you want to explore.

Server Side SDK Releases



SDK Size

320 Kb


13th September 2019

Backward Compatibility

v3.2.2 or higher

Recommended Setup


API Reference Documentation

Revision History

v3.5.0 13th September 2019

Add DI 3.0 support
Add login_hint_token feature
Add client credentials transfer using the token request body
Add issuer handling in the discovery response

v3.4.2 02th August 2019

Update configuration files with new application credentials

v3.4.1 04th July 2019

Upgrade serialization mechanism with using Gson library

v3.4.0 14th February 2019

Replace token response to client side with HTML page to improve security

Minor fixes

v3.3.1 11th January 2019

Upgrade version auto-detection mechanism for specific Indian scopes support

v3.3.0 28th December 2018

Add version autodetection mechanism

Update handling of multiple versions of Mobile Connect, e.g. MC v1.1, 2.0, 2.3

v3.2.2 1st November 2018

Replace SubscriberId with MSISDN for 'Without Discovery' mode

v3.2.1 29th October 2018

Add Java 11 support

v3.2.0 25th October 2018

Add 'Without Discovery' mode support

v3.1.0 16th October 2018

Add DI 2.3 version support

v3.0.0 7th September 2018

Initial release

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