To understand Mobile Connect it is important to understand the fundamentals. The following areas should be read to get a good idea how Mobile Connect works. Once you have understood these areas you have what you need to implement Mobile Connect.


About will give you a high-level view of what Mobile Connect is and what it does.

The APIs

Once you have a good understanding of what Mobile Connect is then you are ready to read the API descriptions. Even if you only plan to use the SDK it is still important to read and understand the API documents as these describe the interaction between the actors.

The Mobile Connect API is what you will use for the authentication, authorization and identity services you're planning to implement using Mobile Connect.The endpoints that you will using will be provided by the operators you are working with.

Reference information

Once you feel comfortable with the APIs then you can use the reference documentation to understand in more detail other parts of the Mobile Connect solution.

  • The Authenticators page describe the different methods that an operators may provide to allow your customers to prove who they are.
  • Authorisation is one of the new capabilities provided by Mobile Connect and this section provides an introductory description of how it works and how it differs from Authentication.
  • The second new capability is provision of identity attributes this section provides an overview of what it is and what type of attributes are supported.
  • Mobile Connect is heavily reliant on Token handling and it is important to understand how tokens are used in Mobile Connect.
  • Mobile Connect provides authentication of an identity, authorisation by an identity and the attributes of an identity but it is important to understand to what level that identity is assured. The Level of Assurance page describe the different levels and what they mean for you.
  • The PCR is the value that indicates your customers Mobile Connect identity. This section describes what this is and how you can use it.