The About Mobile Connect page will give you a high-level view of what Mobile Connect is and what it does.

The APIs

Once you have a understanding of what Mobile Connect is, you are ready to read the API documentation. Even if you are only planning to use the SDK it is still important to read an overview of the API documents as these describe the technical difference between the products.

There are two APIs in Mobile Connect: the Discovery API and the Mobile Connect API. The Discovery API allows your application or web service to discover the details of your customer’s operator and provides the endpoints and credentials that you will need to make the Mobile Connect calls. The Mobile Connect API is the one that you will use for the Authentication, Authorisation, Identity and Attributes services.

Mobile Connect without Discovery

It is not necessary to use the Discovery API if you already know the end-users’ Mobile Connect endpoint and you already have the necessary credentials. If you are working on a service for a single operator, they will provide you with your credentials and the endpoint you should use.

Reference information

The reference documentation provides more detailed explanations of the non-api areas of Mobile Connect and more in-depth detail on the key concepts.

  • The Authenticators page describes the different methods operators may provide to their customers to allow them to authenticate themselves.
  • Mobile Connect is heavily reliant on Token handling and it is important to understand how tokens are used in Mobile Connect
  • Mobile Connect provides services related to identity and it is important to understand to what level that identity is assured. The Level of Assurance page describe the different levels and what they mean for you.
  • The PCR is the consistent identifier that you can use to identify a returning user. The PCR page describes the PCR it is used in Mobile Connect.
  • OpenID Connect and Mobile Connect page describes the common features and differences between the two.
  • The Scope values page explains the scopes that are necessary to request access to the different Mobile Connect products.