This guide steps you through the process of making your first Mobile Connect call. It covers registering an application, downloading and installing an SDK and example application, setting up the sandbox and getting your application credentials to access Discovery, and using the credentials to make a Mobile Connect call.

Create an application short name

You must first create a short name before you can create an application on the Developer Portal.

You can create a new application short name by following these simple steps:

Go to the My Account dashboard and click on My app short names

Click on Add short name

The Create short name page is displayed

On the Create short name page, complete the form with the following details:

  • Name: A unique identifier for this short name. This is for administrative purposes and cannot be changed. Only alphanumeric characters are allowed.
  • Display name: The name displayed to the end user.
  • Description: An additional description for administrative purposes.

Click Save

Your application short name has now been created and can now be used when registering applications. You can create as many application short names as you wish

Register an application

Before you can start using Mobile Connect, you need the credentials that allow your application to interact with the Mobile Connect APIs and the Discovery API. Registering an application on the developer portal will create a set of credentials that you can use in the Sandbox environment and another set that you can use in the Production environment.

You can create an application on the Developer Portal by completing the ‘Create application’ form with the required details. To do this, follow these steps:

From the My Account page click on My Apps page

Click Add application

Complete the Create application form and select "Create"

Your application is now registered

At this point you can edit or delete your application on the My Apps page.

Get your SDK

To get you up and running with Mobile Connect you will need to get and install an SDK. We currently support the following languages:

Server side

Client side

Once you have downloaded the SDK, use the SDK specific installation and setup instructions on the SDK getting started page.

Get an example application

Once you have your SDK setup and running you can then download and install the example application that matches your chosen SDK. The example applications are available from the SDK page. Follow the installation instruction that come with the relevant application.

Apply your credentials

Now that you have your SDK and application installed you will need to add your credentials before you can run it. Make sure you are logged in and navigate to the My Apps section of your account. Select the application that you registered earlier and the application detail page will be displayed.

To run your example application you will need the sandbox credentials, the sandbox endpoint and the Redirect URI values from this page.


You will need

  • The Endpoint
  • The Key
  • The Secret

With these you can configure your application so it will use the Discovery and Authentication services from the Sandbox.

Configure the sandbox

To make sure you can authenticate yourself you will need to let the Sandbox know the mobile number that you want to test with. Go to your account page again and navigate to "My test numbers". Enter the mobile number that you want to use and select Operator 1. Note: The number you are using must be able to accept text messages.

For more information, please visit Using The Sandbox

First call

Once configured you can now run your application. You will see a Mobile Connect button, click on this button and you will see the discovery service asking for your number. Enter the number you setup earlier and click next. You will see a message displayed saying "We have sent you a text message." You should soon receive a text message on the number you entered earlier. Click on the link in the text message and you will then be logged into the application.

You have now completed your first Mobile Connect request.