This page describes how to use the credentials that you received here to make your first Mobile Connect call using the Sandbox.


SDK or API integration?

Mobile Connect provides a number of SDKs and linked example applications to help you integrate Mobile Connect. You can also choose to use our documentation to integrate directly without an SDK. This guide describes the process using an SDK, if you wish to integrate using the API then read the relevant documentation ( Mobile Connect API).


Get your SDK and an example application

To get you up and running with Mobile Connect you will need to get and install an SDK and an example application (or ‘demo’ application) which matches the selected SDK.

We currently support the following languages:

Server side

You can download an SDK together with an example application from the SDKs page. Follow the installation instructions to get up and running..


Apply your credentials

Once you have installed the SDK and the example application, you will need to add your credentials. Navigate to the ‘My Apps’ section of your account and then select the application you registered earlier. You will now see the application detail page, you will need the Sandbox credentials and the Redirect URI from this page.

You will need the Endpoint, the Key and the Secret. You can now configure your application so it will use the Sandbox Discovery service.


Configure the sandbox

To complete the authentication you will need to let the sandbox what mobile number you will be testing with. To do this, go to the My account page and navigate to Sandbox settings.

We will use the simplest Test operator for this call so navigate the the Profile v1.1 tab. Enter your test mobile number and select an Operator-A from the drop-down list. For this to work the the mobile number should be able to receive text messages. If you do not receive a text message then you can use one of the pre-defined passthrough numbers.

For more information about configuring the Sandbox, go to the Using The Sandbox page.


The call

Now you are ready to run your application.

Once your application is running you will see a Mobile Connect button. Select the button and you will see the discovery service asking for your mobile number. Enter the number you setup in the previous step (or the passthrough number) and click next. You will see the screen saying ‘We have sent you a text message.’ You should soon receive a text message on the number you entered. Click on the link in the text message and you will then be logged into the application This will happen automatically if you are using a passthrough number.

Congratulations! You have now completed your first Mobile Connect request.