The Developer Portal requires that all new accounts are created using Mobile Connect as the account authentication method (instead of a password). Once an account is created then users are free to add a password to the account and to use that for login. Both passwords and Mobile Connect details can be changed or either can be removed as a login option (as long as one remains).

This document covers the following areas involving user accounts in the developer portal:


Operator Mobile Connect vs GSMA Mobile Connect

Mobile Connect as a service is normally provided by the users operator, this service is normally aimed at Service Providers local to the operators services. The GSMA supports Mobile Connect on some of it's services. Unlike other Mobile Connect implementations the GSMA services need to support users from around the world, even where operators have not yet deployed Mobile Connect.

To support Mobile Connect in these countries the GSMA provides it's own Mobile Connect service called Mobile Connect Kickstart. 'Kickstart' provides a full Mobile Connect LoA2 implementation using SMS as the authenticator. It is important to understand that 'Kickstart' is true ID Gateway that fully supports Mobile Connect Profile v1.1.

Differences in usage

The only real difference in usage is the authenticator, GSMA Mobile Connect will always use SMS while Operator Mobile Connect will vary from country to country

Mobile Connect Kickstart access Operator Mobile Connect access
  1. Make authentication request to Kickstart
  2. User receives SMS with authentication link
  3. User authenticates themselves by clicking on the authentication link
  4. Authentication page loads on the users device
  5. User is automatically signed in to Mobile Connect Developer Portal
  1. Make authentication request to Operator Mobile Connect
  2. User receives country specific authenticator request
  3. User authenticates themselves
  4. Authentication response shows on the users device
  5. User is automatically signed in to Mobile Connect Developer Portal

Operator specific Authentication Methods

Authentication method will vary across countries as different countries have different needs. The following table describes each countries authenticators.

Country Value
India USSD
Pakistan USSD (SMS fallback for some operators)
Spain SIM App