Developer tickets

When moving a ticket to L2 or L3 please provide the following information.

Basic information

  1. Developer Portal application URL

    This is the URL to the application details page in the Developer Portal. An example application URL is below.

  2. By providing this URL the application name and credentials can be quickly retrieved. It is important to send the URL rather than the credentials as this ensures that the correct information is retrieved even if the developer should change values.

  3. Account holder email

    This is the email address of the account holder. By providing this information we can quickly access the users account to review the stored values and status.

  4. Description

    A description of the error and what analysis has been carried out to date.


The example below shows which format and wording to use for consistency and clarity:

Application URL:
Account email:

NOTE: If any of these values are not present then state so using the same format:

Application URL: N/A - no application created as yet
Account email:

Additional information

The following information should be provided when possible.

  1. Logfiles: These can be obtained from either Support -> Recent Log Messages or Support -> Logs.
  2. Request traces: It is helpful to provide details of the Request/Response trace as this helps to understand what the errors is
  3. Error behaviour: If not provided as part of the request traces then provide error behaviour and any messages.
  4. MSISDN details: Provide details of the numbers being used for testing.
  5. Dates & times: If no logging is available provided the date and time that the incident happened.

Operator tickets

To be completed