When you have decided that you wish to go live with a Mobile Connect implementation, you should complete the contractual pre-requisites. The steps you should complete are detailed below:

Accept the Mobile Connect Marketing Licence Agreement

To use Mobile Connect in a production environment you will need to accept the Marketing Licence Agreement (this is offered free of charge). This requires that you agree to adhere to the Mobile Connect Privacy Principles. We will need to collect some information during this acceptance, this information will not be shared without your prior consent. You will not be able to provision applications or launch a service until the licence is accepted.

Signing the Marketing Licencing Agreement gives you:

  • Access to the Mobile Connect Branding Guidelines and Mobile Connect Brand Assets
  • The ability to request provisioning for your application from supported operators
  • The ability to accept Operator Terms & Conditions via the Developer Portal

The agreement can be accepted in the My Organisation section of the My Account page, acceptance can be completed at any time. To accept the agreement (or to edit your organisational details after accepting it), follow these steps:

Go to My Account

Login (or Register) to Developer Portal and go to the My Account page

Edit your organisation

Go to My Organisation section and select the Edit button.

Enter your details

On the Organisation Details and License Acceptance page, fill out the details of your organisation and read the Marketing Licence Agreement & Privacy Principles.


Select the Accept to finish and you will now see your organisational details on the My Organisation section of the My Account page.

Accepting Operator Terms and Conditions

Before accessing an Operator's live network you must first accept the Terms & Conditions of that operator. To assist with this the Developer Portal allows you to accept a set of Standard Terms & Conditions for participating operators. The My Operators section of My Account displays a table of participating operators. Here the Standard Terms and Conditions can be viewed or downloaded and can be accepted. Once accepted then a PDF of the agreement will be downloaded.

For operators not listed in My Operators go to the relevant operator page (linked from here) and use the Commercial Contact details that are listed. If there are no commercial contact details listed then that means the operators is not currently accepting requests.

NOTE: The My Operators Page is only available to those users that have accepted the Marketing Licence Agreement.