Notification of forthcoming API Exchange update

Wednesday 12th April 2017

Please note the following changes in the forthcoming release.

  • Operator not supported error message

    The Discovery error response has been updated to distinguish between a “MSISDN not found” and an “operator not supported” error. This give the developer an opportunity to accurately inform the user of the specific error condition and guide the user to alternative authentication methods.

  • Operator not supported re-direct

    A new parameter is being added to the Discovery UI call to indicate that if an operator is not supported then the error should go back to the app and not to the Discovery UI page. The App can then give the user alternative ways of authentication.

All of these changes have been designed to be backward compatible.

The release is due to go live on Wednesday 26th April 2017. It is not expected that the release will impact the operation of the API Exchange services, or your use of them. However, we would like you to be aware of the changes so that you can utilise the improved error descriptions within your own services if you wish.

Please monitor your services carefully and if you see any issues contact us immediately.


Release Details

Release date Wednesday 26th April 2017
Release type Major
Developer impact Moderate Impact. Backward Compatible
Expected developer action
  • Developer Apps using the description from error object can now directly present it to end user.
  • Developer Apps can now rely on ttl from the Discovery response.
  • Developer Apps can use X-Redirect: APP header in case of an unsupported operator to skip the UI flow.
    Release summary
    1. Expired ttl on discovery response is renewed on new discovery request.
    2. Discovery UI flow: “Remember me” of the same number multiple times is now fixed and shown only once.
    3. Operator not discovered message has changed:


        "error": "Not_Found_Entity",
        "description": "We could not find your operator based on the MSISDN supplied"


        "error": "Not_Found_Entity",
        "description": "Operator not supported for the MSISDN supplied"
    4. Allow Redirect error messages to the App without UI error notification in the case of "operator not supported".
    5. Support added for charset=ISO-8859-1 with Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded for MSISDN post.

    Sandbox update

    Wednesday 5th April 2017

    The Developer Portal Sandbox has been updated with the following changes:.

    Release date Wednesday 5th April 2017
    Release type Minor
    Developer impact Minor
    Expected developer action None
    Release summary
    • Change token revoke messages to indicate if there was a token to revoke
    • Return an error if one of the Selected- parameters is used alone
    • Add a set of IP addresses for the test operators to support IP based requests
    • Add support for X-Source-IP parameter

    Developer Portal update

    Wednesday 5th April 2017

    The Developer Portal has been updated with the following changes:

    Release date Wednesday 5th March 2017
    Release type Minor
    Developer impact Minor
    Expected developer action None
    Release summary
    • The create application page has been modified to align with other UX changes
    • The application details page has been re-designed to make it easier to navigate and to show the content more clearly
    • The phrase promote has been replaced by request API access to make it clearer what the process actually does.
    • A new document covering supported AMR values has been added
    • Bug fixes

    Mobile Profile v.12 renamed

    Monday 20th March 2017: 11:11

    Mobile Profile v1.2 has now been renamed to Mobile Profile v2.0 to keep it in line with the Mobile Profile release plans - this change has now been implemented in the Developer Portal. The API definition is unchanged.

    Developer Portal update

    Tuesday 7th March 2017: 11:10

    The Developer Portal has been updated with the following changes:

    Release date Tuesday 7th March 2017
    Release type Minor
    Developer impact Minor
    Expected developer action None
    Release summary
    • Improve sign-in process by supporting the enter/return key better.
    • Review and update the Discovery API Documentation.
    • Replace existing Discovery API examples with Sandbox requests.
    • Added What's New section for updates and release notes.
    • Mobile Connect accounts now allow Password Recovery.
    • Bug fixes

    Sandbox update

    Tuesday 7th March 2017: 11:05

    The Developer Portal Sandbox has been updated with the following changes:.

    Release date Tuesday 7th March 2017
    Release type Minor
    Developer impact Minor
    Expected developer action None
    Release summary
    • Passthrough numbers now ignore any configuration when in My Test Numbers and ignore the operator setting.
    • Small bug fixes

    API Exchange update

    Tuesday 7th March 2017: 10:53

    The API Exchange Discovery planned update has now been completed with the following changes.

    Release date Tuesday 7th March 2017
    Release type Minor
    Developer impact Minor
    Expected developer action None
    Release summary

    These languages will now be supported in the Discovery UI.

    • বাংলা (Bengali)
    • English (UK)
    • Français (French)
    • Italiano (Italian)
    • हिंदी (Hindi)
    • 简体中文 (Mandarin)
    • Español (Spanish)
    • Türkçe (Turkish)
    • اردو (Urdu)

    API Exchange update notification

    Friday 3rd March 2017: 11:36

    The API Exchange Discovery service will be updated on Tuesday 7th March with support for an additional 9 languages.

    More details

    The Mobile Connect App Challenge

    The Mobile Connect App Challenge starting October 26th and finishing February 6th, is an online contest that will allow participants to build an app that will change the way we connect with different apps and websites using Mobile Connect technology.

    The first prize up for grabs is the chance to travel to Barcelona (flights, hotel, expenses) and the unforgettable opportunity to showcase your winning app at Mobile World Congress 2017 – a prize value of €10,000!!


    New Event: Mobile Connect Summit Bengaluru - Sat 20th August

    12th August 2016

    Mobile Connect has arrived in India with the six major mobile network operators (Aircel, Airtel, Idea, Tata Teleservices Ltd, Telenor and Vodafone) enabling over 800 million people to use the secure digital identity solution.

    Having this enabled base opens up a wide range of opportunities for developers and digital service providers to evolve their authentication methods for the next generation in a more secure and convenient manner.

    The Mobile Connect Summit will be an opportunity to meet some of the key stakeholders that have made this service available – operators, vendors and the GSMA will reveal use cases and discuss how Mobile Connect can enhance your business. The event will conclude with networking drinks.

    Click here for more details & registration

    Developer Portal Updates

    1st July 2016

    As part of the continuing upgrades and improvements to the portal you will see that some of the content sections are being moved around, existing content is being rewritten and additional content added.

    Discovery Updates

    4th May 2016: 16:07

    A new version of Discovery has been released with the following updates

    • The Discovery User interface has been updated with support for the following languages:
      • Bengali
      • French
      • Mandarin
      • Turkish
      • Urdu
    • The following bug fixes have been released:
      • Support for Discovery Redirect URL with query parameters
      • Disabling replaying of session id using nonce mechanics

    GSMA’S Mobile Connect available to 2 billion consumers globally

    22nd February 2016

    Mobile Connect Launched with 34 Operators in 21 Countries Around the World

    Barcelona: The GSMA today announced that the GSMA Mobile Connect mobile-based authentication solution is now available to 2 billion consumers globally. Since the solution was introduced at Mobile World Congress 2014, 34 mobile network operators (MNOs) have launched the service in 21 countries, with plans for additional launches and trials to follow in 2016 and beyond. Operators offering services based on Mobile Connect include América Móvil, Axiata Group (Bangladesh, Indonesia, Sri Lanka), China Mobile, China Mobile Pakistan (Zong), China Telecom, China Unicom, DNA, Elisa, Globe Telecom, Indosat Ooredoo, Mobilink, Mobitel, Orange (Egypt, France, Morocco, Spain), Sunrise, Swisscom (Switzerland), Telefónica Group (Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Spain), Telenor Group (Bangladesh, Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Thailand), TeliaSonera (Finland), Telkomsel, Telstra, TIM and Turkcell (Turkey).

    More details

    Developer Portal Update

    19th February 2016: 11:30

    New functionality on the Mobile Connect Developer portal has created a new distribution channel to enable service providers to contract with Mobile Connect operators through one standard set of terms and conditions.

    This single enhancement means service providers can now quickly and efficiently deploy Mobile Connect, practically within a couple of days of first visiting the Mobile Connect Developer Portal.

    To access this new distribution channel service providers need to

    1. Register on the developer portal
    2. Accept the marketing license terms to access and use the Mobile Connect brand
    3. Click on My Operators to view and accept the terms and conditions for the markets and subsequently operators you wish to contract with
    4. When your Application is ready to go live you can select the operators that you want to launch with and “promote” your application to their live environments. You’ll immediately receive a set of credentials for the live discovery service and then an email from each operator you selected confirming when your Application is provisioned on their network

    This service is live in Bangladesh, Finland, India, Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Philippines and Thailand. At this time the platform supports only no charge services. New operators and thus more markets are expected to follow quickly as Mobile Connect continues to expand its touch points.

    Mobile World Congress Event

    18th February 2016: 11:30

    Next week at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona we will be holding an event exclusively for developers interested in getting started with Mobile Connect. During the two hour session developers will get an introduction to the Mobile Connect flow, the developer website and how to run a small HTML5 app using the Mobile Connect APIs. Developers should leave the session being able to get started with building Mobile Connect into their apps and know where to go to get helpful information when building. This session will be held in the main Mobile World Congress venue, Fira Gran Via. Attendees will need a Mobile World Congress pass to be able to attend the event, a separate special ticket is not needed.

    Name: Building Apps with Mobile Connect: Login and Two Factor Authentication for Users
    Date: 24th February
    Time: 9-11am
    Room: Hall 3, CC3, Level 1, Room 3.14b

    New Discovery Interface now available

    17th February 2016: 14:30

    Today the much improved user interface for Mobile Connect discovery goes live. This will be available with immediate effect in all active markets with the exception of India, which will follow later.

    New Discovery Interface

    This year, GSMA commissioned the User Experience Design Agency “Fjord” to review the API Exchange Discovery user interface and the login and registration user experience for Mobile Connect. As a result, a friendlier and richer discovery service has been designed which is now in the implementation phase with Apigee, the vendor for the API Exchange. The release of the new API Exchange discovery service, featuring this new user interface, is nearly ready and will be integrated into all deployments. We plan to release this before Mobile World Congress on 22 February.

    Come see us at Mobile World Congress 2016

    Experience Mobile Connect at the GSMA Innovation City where operators who have successfully launched Mobile Connect in their markets will be showcased alongside their partners demonstrating the ease, added security and privacy delivered by the new standard in authentication. Preview future use-cases for Mobile Connect and learn how the simple, secure access benefits and transforms online businesses through increased customer loyalty and trust. Meet the experts at our Discovery Bar to learn how to get started with Mobile Connect and join the growing global community.

    Click here for more details