Mobile Connect is a portfolio of mobile-based secure universal authentication, authorisation and identity solutions. When implementing Mobile Connect you will need to understand which is the most appropriate product for you. This document aims to provide the information you need to make this decision.

Product availability

As Mobile Connect is provided by operators who are at different stages of implementation you will first need to understand which products are available in the markets you are interested in. The operators page lists all the operators that are supporting Mobile Connect and shows their production status and which products they support

Understanding the products

Once you understand the product availability you can then see an overview of the products here. Each product is described in detail on it's own page - (Authentication, Authorisation and Identity ).


Once you have decided which products you are interested in then you can read the relevant technical documentation that covers those products. The SDK documentation describes each product in the relevant Getting Started page or you can read the API documentation to understand in more detail. Technical overviews of the products can be found in the reference section (Authentication, Authorisation and Identity ).

NOTE: Some countries have variations of the core Mobile Connect products, you can read more about these variations here.