If your implementation will be using the Discovery service then you will need to decide which Discovery endpoint you will use. We provide two different endpoints, a global endpoint and a EU specific endpoint.

The UE specific endpoint is provided to ensure GDPR compliance. This endpoint should be used if you meet either of these conditions:

  • An end user of your service is a citizen of one of the EEA states.
  • An end user of your service is a subscriber of a Mobile Network Operator within EEA.

In these cases the user MSISDN is treated as "personal data" and you need to ensure that this personal data is not transferred to a country outside the EEA and processed there. The global discovery service uses multiple data centres around the globe to provide the Discovery service and some of them are located outside the EEA to serve requests. To prevent transferring this personal data you should use the EU specific discovery service, this ensures that the Discovery invocation is always routed to a data centre within the EU and processed there.

The endpoints for the two discovery services can be found on the your details page for your registered applications along with the applications discovery credentials.