Mobile Connect allows end-users to verify themselves using their mobile phone. An authenticator is the method by which this verification takes place. A number of different authenticators are supported by Mobile Connect.

The authenticator used will depend upon the individual operator and the Level of Assurance requested. To improve the customer experience, operators in a particular country will normally work together to provide the authenticator options for all end-users.

The table below illustrates the different authenticators and the Level of Assurance they offer..

Authenticator Description. LoA2 LoA3 LoA4
Seamless Authentication Authentication is automatically handled by the operator is the user is connected via the operator network.    
SMS+URL The end-user verifies themselves by clicking on a link in an SMS.  
USSD A USSD session is initiated allowing the end-user to verify themselves.  
SIM Application Toolkit A Sim Toolkit session is initiated allowing the enduser to verify themselves.
Smartphone application A native application that allows the end-user to manage their verification.