Mobile Connect expects the user to click on a button to start the authentication process. This button is provided in multiple formats and sizes. The button assets are provided as part of accepting the Mobile Connect License Agreement and Privacy Principles.

Getting the assets

To get access to the button assets you will need to be signed in to your Developer Portal account. Once signed in navigate to My Account and find the My Organisation section.

If you have already accepted the Marketing Licence Agreement then you will see the text Marketing Licence Agreement: Accepted. Below this is the link to the page where you can download the assets.

If you have not yet accepted the Marketing Licence Agreement then the My Organisation section will state NO DETAILS ENTERED and Marketing Licence Agreement: Not Accepted.

To accept the Marketing Licence Agreement first click on Edit in the My Organisation section, this will allow you to enter your relevant organisation details. Once ready you can accept the Agreement and save your details. After you have accepted the Agreement you will see the link to the assets as described above.

Using the assets

The Mobile Connect button comes in a variety of formats and sizes with a default set of button text. This button text can be accepted as is or can be altered to suit you specific requirements. As long as the logo, colour and font are unchanged the button to changed as you need. The button should be changed to a width that fit's in with your current styling. The text can be localised or amended to match the specific functionality that you require.