The new standard in digital authentication.

Mobile Connect is a fast and simple way for users to log into your application. There is no need for them to remember a password, they simply respond to a prompt on their phone. This means more people get in to your service first time, fewer abandoned transactions and more repeat business for your services.

How does it work?

Over 2 billion subscribers from operators around the world are now Mobile Connect ready – see how it works and what to do to make it part of your service

High level system flow

Mobile Connect is available from network operators across the world. Your application is able to identify the correct operator through a single API.

  • 1

    End user clicks on Mobile Connect button to access service

  • 2

    Application makes an authentication request to the end user operator, using OpenID with Mobile Connect profile

  • 3

    Operator sends authentication request to end user

  • 4

    End user authenticates themselves using their mobile device

  • 5

    A PCR specifying a specific end user is returned

  • 6

    Access granted

Getting started

  • Step 1 Register as a Mobile Connect developer
  • Step 2 Learn how to make Mobile Connect API Calls
  • Step 3 Integrate Mobile Connect APIs into your app
  • Step 4 Test your application in the sandbox
  • Step 5 Get ready to go live (Contractual steps)
  • Step 6 Go live!